What a cracker of a start to Frocktober! Look at that sun! Look at that smile! Look at that frock!

It all began in a pair of PJ pants while I checked my emails over breakfast.

To my delight, I had already received donations from Nicky and Sandra and I hadn’t even donned my gay apparel yet. The combination of such generosity and the sun shining brightly inspired me to put on my very best dress and give Frocktober a super-charged start.

Just in case this Victory Parade dress wasn’t super-charged enough on its own, I added an attention-grabbing Soda Sweethearts hair flower. Actually, it’s not just a hair flower, it’s more of a full hair bouquet with a bird in it.

Then I added a bunch of Indian bangles that jangled every time I typed or wrote.

And finally – as the Ginger Photographer described it – I matched my face to my frock.

And it worked! From the moment I arrived at work, lots of people commented on my outfit. This gave me loads of opportunities to talk about Frocktober and the importance of raising funds for ovarian cancer research. Success!

By the end of Day One I had received donations from Aunty Favourite and Uncle Steve, Cristina and Sabdha, and Adrienne and Kieran, and already I’m well on my way to my goal with only one dress in the dirty clothes basket. Thank you to you all!

If you want to jump on board this early in the month, follow this link: https://frocktober2015.everydayhero.com/au/eilis. Or if you need to see more frocks before you cough up your loose change for research, tune in here tomorrow to see what I wear beside the seaside.

(See when I wore this frock last Frocktober here.)