2015-10-04 12.43.16

Day Four continued this run of beautiful weather, and I felt that a floral frock was in order. I accessorised with a pink flower on my hat (which you can’t really see here) and by standing near this pink floral fence down at Werribee Lawn Bowls Club.

You can see in some of the photos that I had my black bathers underneath because the mini-photographer I had planned to go for a swim at the outdoor pool, but we discovered when we got there that it isn’t open yet. So we took a nice stroll by the river instead.

2015-10-04 12.32.36
More inspiration by the befrocked ye olden days lady by the Werribee River from yesterday’s post.
2015-10-04 12.29.47
Sitting on the secret mosaicked staircase near Bungey’s Hole.

This afternoon I did the other thing that people in Werribee like to do on a sunny day – I washed my car. It was at this point that I was very grateful for my choice of shoes for the day: see-through jellies. Very practical for wet work.
2015-10-04 16.46.19I was also grateful for the bathers under my frock when I was uncoordinatedly spraying myself with the nozzle down at the car wash place. If you’re picturing it a bit like this…
jessica_simpson__jessica_simpson_these_boots_are_made_for_walking_collage_wpvahyz_sized …you need to change your mental picture to this level of graceful movement…
012497-singer-pink-in-a-scene-from-music-video-stupid-girls-6310307-jpg…with this level of unique fashion sense… b7451590099d483bbd8442a2dd2caa9f (2) So remember, I’m doing all this frocking up to raise funds for ovarian cancer research. You don’t have to be a scientist to make a difference to ovarian cancer – all you need to do is visit https://frocktober2015.everydayhero.com/au/eilis. Meredith did it today, and now it’s your turn.

Meredith shows us she knows how to seriously rock in a frock.
Meredith shows us she knows how to seriously rock in a frock.