2015-10-05 08.10.48
Gosh, it was hot on Day Five, so it seemed only right to wear my Fiji-themed Souvenir dress from Hell Bunny. As you can see, I paired it with white shoes because white shoes are my new favourite thing! I’m not sure where this new obsession has come from – a delayed reaction to not having worn white shoes to my First Communion? Who knows.

I also paired the dress with a flower behind the ear – I didn’t have a hibiscus, so hope I got away with these pretend orchids. These are from my substantial collection of hair flowers from $2 Shops.
2015-10-05 07.59.45
I do love this dress, it’s just like a souvenir tea towel!
2015-10-05 16.12.24After work I took the Mini Photographer down to the water park in Werribee for some water play – great way to cool down!
2015-10-05 17.21.02
It was a nice afternoon with the kiddo, surrounded by lots of other kiddoes, and I remembered that I was only lucky enough to have her thanks to my healthy ovaries. The Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation are doing important research to ensure that more women can keep their ovaries healthy and not be affected by ovarian cancer. I reckon that’s worth supporting – if you do too, please send a donation through https://frocktober2015.everydayhero.com/au/eilis.

Big thanks today to Mette, Jessica and May-Nee for your donations today. Women of style, all of you!