2015-10-07 08.20.03
On Day Six I was talking to a colleague, Greg, who asked whether I had a dress with cherries on it. Surprisingly, I don’t, but I do have one with apples. Greg must be a big fruit lover, because he said he’d pay to see me in any dress with fruit on. And so it came to be that on Day Seven I wore this Hell Bunny Sheila frock.
2015-10-07 17.42.562015-10-07 17.21.37
Just as promised, Greg and Mick came through with a generous donation to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.

By now you must be getting quite bored with hearing stories about what I wore. So instead, I encourage you to click here and read the personal stories of women and their families whose lives are affected by ovarian cancer. And if those stories move you, then please consider making like my fruity friend Greg and make a donation here.