After my night out last night I had a terrible night’s sleep (or lack of). It was just one of those nights where the blanket was itchy, my feet were throbbing, the dog was on my side of the bed and I couldn’t get comfortable. So when Day Ten dawned I needed to get myself into a comfy frock pronto so we could get down the street for a couple of strong coffees.


The dress came from Footscray Savers at least a decade ago. The full skirt and pockets make it supremely practical. Of course I wore it with white shoes – which really aren’t going to stay white for long if I’m going to play in dusty playgrounds.

Over the past few days I was given a few outfit challenges for donations, but after last night’s poor sleep I didn’t have the energy (or as we say in Werribee – couldn’t be arsed) for anything other than my green Savers frock. But stand by tomorrow – maybe I’ll come through tomorrow and then I’ll have more visitors to my donation page for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation: