Day Nine was a green day. I bought this dress second hand off eBay recently for $3.25 and I knew as soon as I bid on it that I wanted to wear it with coloured tights and white shoes (the weird obsession continues). So today I wore green tights, for not just a “pop” of colour, but a big bang! This frock is even more fabulous up close because it has subtle sequins in the fabric, making it perfect to wear out at night. So after a day in the office, I took this outfit down to Littlefoot in Footscray and did a four hour DJ set which was heaps of fun.

A bunch of my favourite Frocktober supporters came down, including Ursula & John, Kieran & Adrienne, Sarah and Meredith, who were all rallied by my sidekick and cheersquad, Jamie. It was also ace to see Luke and May-Nee and Christine and Sophie and Kelly.


I had a ball frocking about on the mini-stage with some of my favourite people in the room.

Big thanks to Sarah for supporting the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation with a donation to my page at, where I inch ever closer to my fundraising goal.

Frock on!