As I fumbled around in the dark getting dressed on Day Twelve, the ginger photographer asked me, “What’s today’s theme?” My response was, “I feel like wearing black and I can’t be bothered dealing with tights or ironing.” Which is how I came to be wearing my Hell Bunny Suzy Parker with bare legs, wet hair and no accessories. It was so wet and cold, I also had the chance to give my brand new Hell Bunny Paloma cardigan its first run. I spent the rest of the day – including a bone-chilling, bladder-challenging hour at the park – regretting my early morning laziness about tights. Given all that chillines I’m not sure why I agreed to have ice-cream sodas with the mini-photographer.

If you feel like you’re not seeing enough pics of this frock you could always check out the time I wore it last Frocktober. Today saw a couple of Frocktober milestones pass by. The overall campaign has raised over $100,000 so far! And I have passed over $1000 in my own fundraising efforts. Thanks Emily for sending me over my goal amount.