On Day Thirteen I decided I wouldn’t suffer through a repeat of bare-legged freezingness so it was tights for me. I got this great frock from Santa last year. Fortunately for Santa, the shops start their Boxing Day sales a couple of days before Christmas these days, so Santa got this for a bargain price at City Chic. I wore it with my new cardi (also worn yesterday) and my trusty red maryjanes.

This evening my mini photographer was being invested into Cubs at the park, so I needed to make my frock work for that. I switched to an old cardi, and ditched the black tights so I could wear white shoes.

Now I’m at home, not feeling well, and pondering whether I’ll need to take a sick day tomorrow. The problem is that I don’t know what frock I’d wear on a sick day, so let’s hope I’ll be ok.