2015-10-14 08.58.24

I woke up on Day Fourteen feeling poorly. This old favourite frock from the Salvos was an easy choice. It’s easy to wear, nicely shaped without being tight anywhere, and never needs ironing. I popped on some red lippy and stood in front of my callistemons to try and boost my mood, but it was a struggle all day, really.

By the end of the day, I was asleep in my armchair as soon as the mini-photographer went to bed.

2015-10-14 19.39.46

I’m lucky my vague illness was only a passing thing, and nothing as serious as ovarian cancer, which is what I’m raising funds for. In fact, the only thing to boost my mood all day long were generous donations from Luke, and from Natasha, Liss, Ana and Caius. To join them, you can donate here: https://frocktober2015.everydayhero.com/au/eilis.