2015-10-18 16.29.19Day Eighteen presented my toughest Frocktober challenge yet for 2015: I was working at an event where I was required to wear a very daggy t-shirt and black or navy pants. (I also had to get up and dressed and to the event before 8am after my late night the night before.) So I managed to meet the dress code and not break my Frocktober promise by wearing this saggy baggy old black op shop dress, covered by my “Wyndham Safety, Ask Me How” t-shirt.

You're going home in the back of the divvy van.
You’re going home in the back of the divvy van.

I accessorised with a staff lanyard, and a selection of safety-themed props.
2015-10-18 18.33.38

I worked hard today, but not as hard as the scientists working on finding an early detection test for ovarian cancer. Please help them by making a donation at https://frocktober2015.everydayhero.com/au/eilis.