2015-10-19 08.12.50On Day Nineteen of Frocktober I pulled out a quiet favourite from my wardrobe. This Hell Bunny Waterfall dress is amazing to wear – it’s light and stretchy and flattering and I think it’s very pretty. Unfortunately I don’t think it ever caught on with Hell Bunny fans because they never made it in any other fabrics (most Hell Bunny styles come in range of colours or fabrics) and that’s a shame. I’d love it in several colours, including one with pineapples on it please.

For such a lovely dress, I don’t wear it often because it’s so pretty I feel like it deserves special occasions. Here I am wearing it at the lovely Paul and Tamika’s wedding earlier this year – indeed a very special occasion!
2015-04-26 14.17.40Today was a nice day here in Melbourne, and I was lucky enough to have time to go for frozen yoghurt with the mini-photographer. Not as special as a wedding, but it still felt like a mini-special occasion.
2015-10-19 19.33.12Today the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation was the beneficiary of a couple of very generous donations from Frocktober supporters Brian (who himself has an excellent track record of frocking up for a good cause), and Jamie (whose gigolo collar and stripey flares offset my frock perfectly behind the decks on Saturday night). And with that pair of donations over at https://frocktober2015.everydayhero.com/au/eilis, I found myself in the Top Ten Fundraisers at Frocktober.org! More accurately, team, WE found ourselves in the Top Ten, because it’s only with your generosity that we got there. And now we’re there – let’s see if we can stay there.