IMG_2547On Day Twenty-One it was Back To The Future Day, so I jumped in my wardrobe’s Delorean and wound the clock back to 29 October Frocktober 2014 and wore exactly the same outfit. See:
IMG_0172Oh no, wait, my red shoes were at the shoe repairer that week so I had black shoes.

At least I didn’t wear a puffer jacket.


I actually thought I wasn’t going to manage to get a photo of today’s frock after I had to hurry out the door this morning, and I thought a bathroom selfie might be the best I could manage.
IMG_2536But when I went to pick up the mini-photographer at school I was able to convince her to take some photos in the school garden. Here I am answering the age old question, “What’s she gonna look like with a chimney on her?”
IMG_2541She posed me for this one in her favourite section of the school garden.
IMG_2544Today a donation came through from fellow bodacious babe, Bernie. Thanks heaps, lady!

Team, we’ve raised heaps of money for research into an early detection test for ovarian cancer. It’s so important because the symptoms of ovarian cancer are vague, non-specific symptoms that lots of us experience at different times – abdominal pain, bloating, nausea, fatigue. Because of this, it’s often not picked up until the cancer has progressed a long way, and it’s too late to treat effectively. So let’s keep chipping in, to help the scientists develop an early detection test. You can chip in at my page here: