IMG_2565Day Twenty-Two was the day I was holding a fundraising morning tea at work, so I went all out and wore an outfit that I knew people would comment on all day so that I would have plenty of opportunities to talk about ovarian cancer research and invite people to donate.

This frock is the Hell Bunny Lacey, and it’s the one I am wearing in my Frocktober ambassador photo.
12039392_945978608811073_5235932757881450999_nI wore it today with a big fluffy pink petticoat, a pearl choker, a little beige cardi I found at Vinnies, and my white shoes – of course! I accessorised in my hair with a rose and a pen. For bonus points, it was an owl pen.
IMG_2566This hair accessory combo was worn especially for Emma, and she is the only one person in the world who understand the combo. Luckily, she joined us for morning tea, along with a bunch of other colleagues – some befrocked, others less so, but all generous with bringing sweet treats to share, and with making donations. In all, I collected $185.95 in the donation pineapple!
IMG_2568The outfit totally worked in terms of having people ask questions, and I talked about raising funds for ovarian cancer research all day long.
IMG_2553It wasn’t really the right outfit for drop-off and pick-up at the Scout Hall that night, so I dressed down with a warmer cardi and my slippers.
IMG_2582I’ll be loading up the $185.95 from morning tea at my donation page at Overnight, a couple of generous donations from colleagues Kerrie and Eleanor came in too. Thank you both, and feel free to let me do all the frock-wearing at work so you don’t have to!