On Day Twenty-Eight of Frocktober I wore my Bettie Page Bailout frock, which has been a winning dress for me for several years. Stretchy, long-sleeved, stripy – it’s everything you want in a frock when you have to get ready early in the morning to head off to a business breakfast.

This frock saw me through a day of talking, thinking, meetings, whiteboarding and on to a cocktail party at the end of the day. Like all good cocktail parties these days, there was a photo booth:


Even though the month of Frocktober is almost over, your generous donations to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation haven’t stopped rolling in. Thanks Orla and Ken for dropping by https://frocktober2015.everydayhero.com/au/eilis today to leave a donation.

Only three days to go, but more than three frocks left in the wardrobe. Which ones will get a run and which will miss out? Tune in tomorrow to find out.