For Day Twenty Nine I went for a nautical look. The best accessory for a nautical outfit is wet hair for that fresh-from-the-ocean look, do t you think? This Stop Staring frock is a great one, but I won’t rave on about it here this year because I already did that last year when I wore it.

You’d think I might be fading as we near the end of the month, but no! On Day Twenty Nine I delivered two frocks!

When we came home from school and work I felt like a jump on the trampoline, so I changed into an old frock with little birds on it and jumped my my heart out.

So two frocks in a day as Frocktober fades… Surely that’s worth putting your hand in your pockets for. Donations for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation:

Fionnuala and Juno, Anna, Hazel, Mabel and Sacha all donated yesterday – many thanks all you women of style and substance.