Finally Day Thirty-One arrived, and wasn’t it great the way it brought Halloween with it? The perfect theme for a frock extravaganza. I popped on a sugar skull-decorated Hell Bunny frock that I first wore for my cousin Tav’s wedding. I accessorised with a brightly (and newly) painted wall down in Werribee.

In the evening I switched into my final Frocktober frock for 2015.

Don’t ask me who I was dressed as. I was just dressing and face painting for fun. I didn’t want this gold sparkly number, or my black petticoat, to miss out on Frocktober, so I put them on together (even though they don’t go together). My little ghoul was dressing up for Halloween too:

But she wouldn’t let me paint anything more than two scars on her face, so I had to let my inner face painter loose on my own face.

 And together we were ready for our first ever trick or treat experience.

 We headed over to Brunswick and hit the streets with our mates.

As you can see, among those mates was a fabulous frocker – the wonderful Anna, who has also put in an awesome effort for Frocktober. It was the perfect way to end the month, side-by-side with my frock sister.

As I sprinted to the finish line for Frocktober, so did my generous donors. Thank you to Bethia, Mum and Dad, and the Mini Photographer and Ginger Photographer.

I’ll be back for a round up of the whole month soon. For now, Happy Halloween, frockers. And thank you for supporting the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.