It’s almost the end of another September, and the now-perennial question “Are you going to do Frocktober again this year?” needs to be answered.

I hadn’t made up my mind until I received an email from the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation last month asking if I would be a Face of Frocktober this year. Immediately I remembered all the good times of reading other frockstars’ blogs and following the #Frocktober hashtag on Instagram and managing to raise literally thousands of dollars just by wearing the stuff that I wear.

So it’s a yes, I’m doing Frocktober this year and I’m looking forward to it! I’ve set up my fundraising page over at and I’m going to set myself an ambitious fundraising goal which will take a fair bit of effort. I hope you’ll come on the ride with me.

Now off to explore my wardrobe and check that I can manage a different frock each day for a month.