It’s the last day of September, and a public holiday, and I’m celebrating by wearing trousers. All week at work I’ve worn some favourite skirts ahead of frocking up all month for Frocktober.


I think I’m all set. I’ve got my fundraising page up here ready to receive donations as soon as Frocktober arrives. What’s going to happen with the cash that we raise? It’s all going to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation who will use it in their mission of:

  1. The development and implementation of an early detection program for ovarian cancer
  2. Improving the mortality rate, management and long-term survival of women with ovarian cancer
  3. Gaining fundamental understanding of the causes of ovarian cancer

I’ve set myself an ambitious goal of $3000 which is going to be tough to meet, so I’m going to work hard for your money (so hard for it honey). I’m anticipating my fundraising efforts to peak on Saturday 22 October, when I’ll hold a car boot sale during the day, and host a fundraiser disco dance at night. Please save the date!

Monster Car Boot Sale
Saturday 22 October 10am-2pm
Wyndham Park Community Centre
53-55 Kookaburra Avenue

DJ Oily Shoes at Littlefoot Bar
Saturday 22 October 8pm-midnight
Littlefoot Bar
223 Barkly Street

I’d like to thank the Western Bulldogs for giving me some ideas for which frock to wear tomorrow. Stay tuned…