Day 1 of Frocktober 2016 is going to be tough to beat. I’m sure all my readers will know that the Western Bulldogs were in the AFL Grand Final for the first time since 1961. Dad has been a Bulldogs supporter ever since he arrived in Ballarat Road Footscray when he came to Australia. So this momentous occasion provided an obvious theme to dress to – red, white and blue!

I wore a blue dress that I got from Vinnies, accessorised with a red cardigan from Vinnies, and a white belt from Kitty Deluxe. I think my white shoes came from Asos. I topped it off with a trio of bangles (blue from Vinnies, white from Ample Armoury and red from Kris Kringle many years ago). Ample Armoury are generously donating $5 from every bangle sold in Frocktober to the Frocktober campaign, and they’re also offering a 20% discount (code = FROCKTOBER) so you should definitely pay them a visit and stock up on some gaudy, broad and vast festoonery.


The last time this dress had an outing was at Eurovision time, when I went for an Ikea-chic theme and accessorised with a viking fascinator, an Ikea bag cape, and a bowl of Ikea meatballs.


But today it was all about the red, white and blue in the western suburbs, so we went and soaked up some of the atmosphere in Yarraville before heading down to Mum and Dad’s to watch the match.

Of course we all know by now that the doggies won and gave us plenty to smile about, and we sang Sons of the West loudly all the way home.

What you may not realise is that I accidentally started Frocktober in jeans (gasp!). I was out being DJ Oily Shoes at Footscray I’m in Love last night at midnight when the calendar ticked over to Frocktober.  Forgive me for wearing jeans, but I did donate my pay for the evening to Frocktober and I closed my set with Up There Cazaly and Sons of the West.

The other donation that arrived with a bang today was a generous one from Mum and Dad. They lost a good friend to ovarian cancer some years ago, so I know it’s personally important to them to support the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.

It’s great to be off to a flying start with Frocktober and I hope you’ll jump off the Bulldogs bandwagon and join me on the Frocktober one with a donation over at the Everyday Hero page.