On Day 2 of Frocktober 2016 I made the rookie mistake of choosing a swing dress on a windy day. Frock wearers! I can’t stress this enough… If you can hear the tree outside your window creaking in the wind, you know it’s pencil dress weather! It was so windy that when I was walking through the park I thought I might fly.

file-2-10-2016-5-35-07-pmMy fly-away frock today was the Hell Bunny Carol, worn with a Hell Bunny cardigan, a green belt from Kitty Deluxe, and if you’re wondering what’s going on on my feet, that’s a pair of jelly sandals I got from Vinnies, with green fluoro socks from H&M.

file-2-10-2016-5-28-14-pmI accept that that’s probably not a fashionable footwear choice but when I walked into H&M to buy undies for my mini-photographer on our recent trip to Penang, I was dazzled by a multi-pack of fluoro socks and knew I just had to have them. That was the same way I felt about fluoro socks in 1984.

Speaking of the mini-photographer, I didn’t need her today because this year I pre-armed myself for Frocktober with a little tripod, knowing that the mini-photographer and ginger-photographer get very bored with my photography requests by 6th October each year. I need a bit of practice to get the tripod and the timer all working at once.

file-2-10-2016-5-35-48-pmI had lots of tries in the car park of the local gym this morning.

file-2-10-2016-5-39-16-pmWhen I got home and looked at my pics, I realised the red cardigan reminded me of my Year 12 school jumper which I hadn’t worn since 1991, but stumbled across in the recent big wardrobe cleanout. So I popped the jumper on just for fun.

file-2-10-2016-5-27-53-pmIt was bloody itchy! I don’t know how I tolerated it back then. I must have just been so excited about the privilege of the red jumper meaning we were allowed to leave the school grounds at recess to sneak a ciggie go to Sunbeam cakeshop and buy a beesting. I can tell you I didn’t leave it on for long today. But I’m hoping that me wearing this will inspire some old school friends to send a donation in support of Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation, because pretty much all of my old school friends probably had ovaries.

A big shout out today to Aunty Favourite and Uncle Steve who sent a donation to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation via my fundraising page. Their sense of colour and style is a big influence on me (although I’m not sure either of them was ever into green fluoro socks) so I hope they see a tiny bit of that reflected in my frocks this month.