Oh dear. I wrote all about it yesterday and then I completely ignored the advice. On Day 3 of Frocktober, the weather was windy once again, and what did I choose to wear? A light, flouncy dress that threatened to show more of my navy tights than anyone asked to see, each time a gust of wind came near me. When will I learn?

As you can see, I still haven’t worked out how to combine the tripod and the timer function to get a focused and properly exposed photo, but I have worked out how to get my head at a jaunty angle that says “I’m totally relaxed about standing in front of a stranger’s hedge at the end of a dead-end side street with my phone on a tripod in the middle of the street.” So that’s progress.

Not feeling entirely satisfied with my photography skills, I had another go when I got to work. (Luckily the person with a similar coloured car to mine didn’t see me balance my phone, coffee cup and keys on their bonnet to get this shot.)


Today’s frock is a lemon-coloured one that I bought second-hand online, paired with navy tights and a navy Collectif Jenny Wrap  which I bought from Your One Stop Pinup Shop. This cardigan is pretty much my ideal cardigan and I would like one in each colour please. My poor photography skills prevent you from seeing my Jubly Umph brooch in the above shots. But don’t worry, my poor photography skills also allow you to see my brooch up close in this shot:


Honestly, I think I am doomed to get a shot like this every single day because I really don’t quite understand how the timer works, so let’s just think of it as a chance for you to see my jewellery (and occasionally my cleavage) up close. If you scroll back to the same shot in yesterday’s post you’ll see a Jubly Umph necklace.

I thought you might like to see the pattern and colour scheme in a decent photo, so here’s one that the ginger-photographer took for me this afternoon.


This was the first time I had chosen navy to go with this frock – I think it works, do you?

I’m really pleased to report that yesterday’s school jumper post did indeed inspire an old school friend to donate to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. Cheers, Melinda! I hadn’t seen Melinda for years, but our paths crossed last year during Frocktober (although she may not have realised it at the time) and it’s been lovely to meet her and her family once again.

As you know, I’ve set a ridiculously ambitious goal of $3000 to raise this month, so I’m going to need your help here. If you think the lemon yellow and navy blue combo works, please make a donation here in support of good taste and excellent medical research. If you don’t think it works, stand by… I’m sure I have more colour combos I can call on to impress you.

If nothing else, there’s always red, white and blue!