Finally on Day 4 of Frocktober 2016 I listened to my own advice and wore a pencil dress. And lucky I did because it was very windy in Melbourne today.

file-4-10-16-9-38-46-pmMy frock today was an old favourite – the Bettie Page Bailout dress. It was perfect for today, not just because it doesn’t fly up in the wind, but because it is long-sleeved and warm and I can wear my thick leggings with it. Also: pockets! I was so happy to put it on this morning that I did a little happy dance in the kitchen.

file-4-10-16-9-44-29-pmAnd of course I somehow ended up with one of those “How does the timer work?” photos. No Jubly-Umph necklace this time, just a work lanyard.

file-4-10-16-9-38-31-pmI put the call out for your help with donations on yesterday’s post, and some lovely folk answered the call. Thank you Cristina and Sabdha, and thank you Jenny! Your donations will help the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation find an early detection test for ovarian cancer. This is so important because more women die of ovarian cancer than of other gynaecological cancers and that’s because you can’t screen for this cancer. If you want to play a part in changing this, take a leap of faith like Cristi, Sabdha and Jenny and make a donation here: