Day 7 of Frocktober 2016 just happened to also be Odd Socks Day. This is a mental illness awareness day that my team at work was helping to promote (check out the #oddsocksday hashtag on Instagram to see more). This turned up my degree of difficulty for outfit choice just a notch, which felt a bit unfair on a Friday morning, but I think I rose to the occasion. After all, I had been looking for an opportunity to wear some of my new socks from H&M, including my fluoro ones and my glittery ones. This was a chance to wear both types!

file-8-10-16-8-01-30-amI managed to get away with this look for the whole day at a management meeting. Here I am trying to keep myself business-nice while meeting both the Frocktober and Odd Socks Day agenda:

file-8-10-16-8-01-14-amLast night I was off to do the DJ Oily Shoes thang at Footscray I’m in Love, so I had to take my business frock (which was originally bought at Target to wear to a wedding) and find a way to transform it into a dancing-in-a-grungy-pub frock. The solution was to just add leggings and Converse.

file-8-10-16-8-00-17-amThat’s me and DJ Deb frocking out at the pub. And this is me accessorising my frock with the DJ fez:

file-8-10-16-8-00-37-amIt turned out to be a late night after a long-ish day, and I even slept in my frock because my mini-photographer was sleeping in my bed on my PJs when I got home so I was relegated to her room in the clothes I was wearing.

So I think I gave Frocktober my all on Day 7, don’t you? Some other people who gave their all to Frocktober on Friday were Kelly, who was my original Frocktober inspiration – she did it so well! And Sally from work, who took the time to drop by my desk to make a donation. Thank you both! I also sent my fee from last night’s gig to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation via my donation page.

With those donations (plus another that has come in on Day 9 – I’ll talk about that one in the next post) I’ve almost hit the 1/3 mark of my target, less than 1/3 of the way through the month. Go team! And I’ve just found out that there’s a Leader Board on the Frocktober website so I’m pretty sure the competitive streak in me is going to be trying to get on that board. Care to help? Please visit my donation page: