Today dawned bright and sunny, but the same couldn’t be said for myself after my very late night. However that all changed when I headed out into the world to do my errand of collecting generous contributions to my car boot sale coming up on Saturday 22 October.

Firstly I popped on a frock that has always been a Saturday frock for me. It’s a very old and worn out op-shop dress that I got from the Werribee Salvos. As you can see, it’s got great colours and a funny little bow at the collar. Today my Aunty Favourite said that my Grandma used to have a dress like this, and I have a vague recollection of photo of her wearing it. So now you know where I get my sense of style.

Out on my errands run, first I met up with gorgeous Jan and lovely Lydia and a salted caramel donut and a bootload of pre-loved delights. Jan took my daily photo on a sunny street in Travancore, and if I appear to have tiny glistening specks of glitter on face, it’s probably leftover sugar from that donut.

Then I headed over to the house of Fluffy and the Four Fluffettes, where Arlo gave me the pocket money he’d earned for “sort of” putting his laundry away, and Evie gave me the Barbie with the second longest hair in the world along with some beads on a pipecleaner and a green icy-pole stick, and Xander gave me a cat sticker which “will be useful” and Freddy gave me the cutest little drooly smile. Meanwhile, Fluffy sneaked a whole stack of pre-loved things out to the car without the kids noticing. I wish I had remembered to take a photo with this adorable family because they were all truly embracing the spirit of giving to help the scientists find out how to stop people having cancer. I did remember to take a photo of Xander’s helpful sticker, and also my cassette tape brooch which was still on my cardi from Friday night.


File 8-10-16, 7 29 42 pm.jpeg
I’d like to thank both of my chins for appearing in this photo


Next stop was Fiona’s house, where she and Evie and Orla had packaged up some lovely items for me to sell. It was so wonderful to catch up and enjoy the sunny morning with Fiona.

File 8-10-16, 7 29 25 pm.jpeg

Last time Fiona and I organised a car boot sale, we were selling 90s fashion mannequins out of the boot of a purple Renault.

renaultI spent the afternoon trying to spend quality time with the mini-photographer and ginger-photographer while keeping the energy levels at a minimum (really feeling the effects of the late night). This probably explains why I agreed to playing “makeovers” with the mini-photographer. I was going to post a photo but the mini-photographer has censored it. So you won’t get to appreciate the details of our make-up jobs, and that’s probably just as well, nor can you see our faces showing our shared late afternoon energy slump which came through loud and clear in the pic.

But my day wasn’t over yet! No! With today allocated as my day to get organised for my fundraisers, I also needed to get some posters printed for the Frocktober fundraiser night at Littlefoot Bar and get them stuck up in time for the Saturday night punters to see them. So I did a super-fast visit to Officeworks, then on to Littlefoot where I was very excited to hear the staff planning their frocks. Littlefoot is a fantastic bar because not only is it a cool-looking space, and their food and drinks are delish and their staff are friendly and professional – they also always get behind important community issues and throw complete support into them. I really appreciate this.

frocktober-at-littlefoot-posterSo a happy and productive day for Day 8. Meanwhile, my donors were also being productive, with donations from Mette and another donor whose chose to stay anonymous (but I know who you are). Big thank yous and hugs to you!

Thanks to the Day 8 donors I’ve now passed the 1/3 mark to my target which means you are all brilliant supporters. Thank you all!

Here’s where you can get on board the donation bandwagon if you haven’t had a chance yet: