On Day 9 I wore a strong performer of more than a decade. I got this green frock from Footscray Savers about 12 years ago and she’s still going strong. She’s easy weekend wearing – comfortable and warm and with pockets! I found ten bucks in one of the pockets this morning – bonus! It was very windy today so I needed a layer underneath my green dress, so technically you scored two frocks today because those stripy sleeves belong to a dress too. It is way too tight and short and scoop necked to be appropriate for a frocker of my size and vintage, but it’s a perfect layering option. I also wore my new platform Chocolaticas which are the most amazing shoes ever – made extra ace with the addition of fluoro socks.

The daily photo was taken when the mini-photographer and I went and saw a movie in the morning, but in the afternoon it was so windy we just stayed in. Baking seemed like a good idea so I popped on my apron for well-endowed ladies from the Maffra Hospital Ladies Auxiliary and set to work.

I whipped up a set of biscuits to resemble my frocks of the first nine days of Frocktober.

No new donations rolled in today so I might need to get entrepreneurial now. I’m hoping some suckers at work will buy these bickies for two bucks a pop, and that might keep me going towards my fundraising goal of $3000 in a month.