Day 10 of Frocktober was hard in some ways but it also had some lovely moments.

Sadly, a community member who I’ve had the good fortune to work with passed away over the weekend. It was cancer.  It wasn’t ovarian cancer but it was a cancer that didn’t make itself known until it was too late, just like ovarian cancer behaves. It sucks. I won’t stop raising money for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation because the earlier we can detect these horrible cancers, the better the chance we can beat them.

On the good side today, my decorated frock shortbreads sold like hotcakes, thanks in large part to my workmate Racheal who acted as my sales rep. I’ll definitely need to bake more of those.

As well as big thanks to Rach, I want to send a shout-out to Bethia and Nicole, Troy and Melissa, and lovely Lesley who all made generous donations today. You can join them by donating here:

Today’s frock was from Hell Bunny, worn with patterned purple tights that a friend/workmate gave me, black maryjanes from Kitty Deluxe, an Erstwildwer bunny brooch, and a lovey colourful (and a little bit sparkly) scarf that my Mum knitted for me.

Here I am sitting in my new office being photobombed by an outraged capsicum.