It’s fun when a Frocktober day coincides with a special event and gives me a really good excuse to be frocked up. That’s what Day 13 offered me, when we had an excursion to Government House with a couple of workmates.

I wore my Vanity Project (now known as Victory Parade) frock that I bought myself for my 40th, and mixed it up with pink tights and red shoes and a red chiffon scarf.

My gorgeous work mate Misty also frocked up in a brand new Review frock from Myer and a very nice pair of lady shoes.

We took ourselves off to Government House and were on our best behaviour – honest! – at least until the formalities were over.

Then it was all about have frocking photos taken all around Government House.

One could hardly ask for a finer setting for an evening of frocking about.

One could hardly ask for more generous workmates and friends, either, when one sees the donations continue to roll in. Yesterday I had contributions from my frock sister Misty, Maddie and my old work pal Owlie McOwlerson (who would look stunning in a frock but is still wearing his Bulldogs jersey). Thank you!

In an unrelated turn of events, my companion the outraged capsicum has gone missing from my office so no more pics with her. All we have now are memories.

If you feel I have provided you with frock photos in a suitably grand location today, feel free to hit me up with a donation here now: Because from here we’re back to my standard locations of a grungy pub, local streets where I’m panicking about being seen selfying, and my office (sans capsicum).

Until tomorrow, I’m outa here.