Day 14 of Frocktober was a Friday, which brings the challenge of dressing at 7am in a frock that will see me through past 3am. Luckily I had the perfect frock in mind – my tartan Eleanor frock from Hell Bunny

Now, I know I seem to have a lot of Hell Bunny frocks, and they’re all cool in their own ways, but this one is definitely my favourite right now. I feel like somehow it taps into 14 year old me who really wanted to rock tartan but never managed to actually rock it.

I wore my frock with a belt and tights and trusty maryjanes and a Hell Bunny cardigan and managed to pull off a work-appropriate look all day long.

Come night time, it was time for me to be DJ Oily Shoes at Footscray I’m In Love.

So how did I transform the frock into grungy pub wear? I just switched from tights and shoes to leggings and Converse, and ditched the belt, and I was ready to hit the dancefloor.

The money I earned DJing (which included a generous tip from a bloke who loved my music!) is going straight to my fundraising page. Also on my fundraising page yesterday were generous donations from Mark, Nicky, Finn and Leila, stylin’ Mirella, and always lovely Nat. Thank you kisses to all of you!

As we head into the halfway mark of Frocktober, I’m delighted with how we’re going with the fundraising. The scientists at the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation will get a healthy boost from our shared efforts, and in the crazy competitive world of scientific research funding, I’m glad to be making a small contribution.

Time to think about some weekend frocks now.