Half way! We’ve reached the half way mark in Frocktober, and we’ve also passed the half way mark on my fundraising goal. Thanks team!

Day 15 was a beautiful Spring day so I sprang into it with a dance in the front yard before venturing out to get us some real coffee.

I wore a classic Hell Bunny Miranda frock that’s seen better days but is still perfect for a Spring frolic. I wore it with a ratty old hot pink op shop cardigan and my floral Docs. I accessorised with my newest Veronica Dearly Pin Commandments pin which arrived this week, and sparkly pink bow clips in my hair. Because even Saturdays at home need novelty accessories.

I had the pleasure of popping around to Sari’s house yesterday, where she and Antony had some great things to donate to the car boot sale. This sale is going to be great for bargain hunters! I also had the pleasure of popping out for Vietnamese takeaway (this time with a different pair of Docs – a 22 year old pair!).

Today I’m sending out a super-big shout-out to Fluffy, not only for rallying her kids to donate their things, and not only for reading this blog every single day, and not only for promoting my blog to her friends, but also for her generous donation on my fundraising page yesterday. Her support is phenomenal and very much appreciated.

So we’re half way there, and let’s keep going. Every year approximately 1,500 Australian women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer, most of them with an advanced stage of the disease. Let’s see how much we can raise towards being able to make those diagnoses earlier, before the cancer reaches an advanced stage. Ovaries everywhere, and their owners, will thank you.