It’s been a relaxing weekend, with another home day on Day 16. This makes it a challenge to frock up – if it wasn’t for Frocktober I might have had a full pyjama day today. But not wanting to disappoint, I did pull on a house dress and did jobs around the house looking like this:

Eventually I decided to pop out to the supermarket so I needed to smarten up my act. As with so many of my outfits, this meant adding red shoes and belt. But that wasn’t enough for me – it’s the weekend. I needed sparkle. That’s why I added sparkly disco socks.

They don’t look particularly sparkly in this photo, but they made me want to dance (I think I was dancing to Ride’s Twisterella in this shot).

Away we went to the supermarket, and back home we came again where I slipped back into my PJs.

Also slipping in today were a couple of donations, one from Fluffy’s friend Jo, and one from Patrick and Thoa. Thank you, lovely people. I hope my lazy frock wearing today was worthy of your support.

For those who haven’t visited the donation page yet, you’ll find it over here:

I’ve done a bit more baking today, so more frock-shaped treats are in store for my workmates. I hope that gets the week off to a sweet start.