Day 19 was a classic Spring day which saw me doing a little twirl in the front yard before getting the day officially underway.

Today’s frock is yet another Hell Bunny frock. When you’re on a good thing, stick to it. I wore it to work with an op shop cardi, a $2 shop rose and a stack of Ample Armoury bangles. I didn’t wear a petticoat with it to work, but when I got home I slipped into one – in as much as one can slip into something as voluminous and fluffy as this.

Why would I amp up the outfit after work? Oh, just because a journo and photographer were dropping by. Being a “Face of Frocktober” means there’s a bit of publicity to help with, and the Wyndham Star Weekly were stuck with me as their local story. 

Here I am casually smelling the wisteria in flattering sunlight as Damian the photographer gives me Tyra-style feedback. You’ll have to wait for next week’s edition of the Wyndham Star Weekly to see me smizing up close.

Today saw a double-dose of generosity from the lovely Jasna, who made a donation on my page and also donated some handbags for my car boot sale stall. Thanks Jasna, you are always so good to me!

It’s hump day today, and if you want to give yourself a little burst of energy to get through the week, why not visit my donation page at Donating to charity makes you more energetic and good looking*.

*Not guaranteed.