Day 20 dawned super-bright so I popped on a totally Spring-ish frock. This always feels like a cheat’s frock because it costs about four bucks from the op shop and it’s so easy – it never needs ironing and it’s always pretty and I just whack it on and away I go. Today I added a Pin Commandments pin, a cute Jubly Umph tape measure necklace and a short stack of Ample Armoury bangles. Oh, and maryjanes of course.

Today I got a couple of donations from a couple of women I’ve been lucky to work with at different times. Thanks Al and Nicole. Nicole your frock today was so spectacular that it caught my eye on Watton Street early this morning.  Nice one!

I’m looking forward to a big weekend of fundraising, but if you can’t make it along to Littlefoot on Saturday night or to the Car Boot Sale on Saturday day, you should feel free to visit my donation page at and show your support for ovarian cancer research there.

Some serious frock planning is needed to get through the next couple of days. Damaging winds are predicted for tomorrow, so a wiggle dress is in order. Then rain is predicted for car boot sale day, so something warm and dry is needed for then. Degree of difficulty ahoy!