Day 22 was possibly the biggest Frocktober day yet. Remember – it technically started with a DJ shift at 1am.

When I awoke on Saturday morning it was sunny outside my window, and I thought the bad weather had passed and it was going to be the perfect day for a Car Boot Sale. Boy was I wrong.

The weather was miserable! When it wasn’t pouring rain, it was howling with wind. It was pretty much the opposite of the perfect conditions for a car boot sale.

My amazing Mum and Dad came over to help me sell all the things donated by generous souls like Jan, Sylvia, Emily, Fiona, Peter and Kit, Beck and Bro, Sari, James, Nicole and others. With the weather the way it was, when we weren’t rescuing clothes from puddles and trying to find ways to cover things from the rain, we were holding the shared marquee to stop it flying away over the adjacent Men’s Shed.

Throughout the morning my Hell Bunny Mexico frock spent a lot of its time up around my face in the wind. That was soon fixed by the rain which ended up making the frock so wet and sodden that it couldn’t blow around any more. And I did come to regret the socks and sandals look I had opted for (although I liked the sparkle that my socks added to my drab day).  

Still, a few committed bargain hunters were sticking to the Garage Sale Trail come rain, hail or shine (literally), and they still rummaged through our things and bought $130 worth of stuff before we raised the white flag and took ourselves home, wet and frozen to the core.

Once home, the frock was relegated to the bathroom floor while I had a long hot bath, followed by some quality time under my doona.

After this chance to refresh, I was ready to pop on frock 2 for Day 22 and get ready to hit the town. How good is this Lady Vintage frock which I got from Kitty Deluxe? I love it so much!

The Kmart cat ears were the perfect accessory.

You can see the tired in my eyes here! Also, my Dami Im-inspired lip gloss.

I headed down to Littlefoot Bar, where the owners Stuart and Liana were fully embracing the Frocktober spirit, dressed in matching frocks.

It was so nice to see Emma, Di and Mirna from work there, and John and Fionnuala too. Sadly I think the bad weather kept most people home, but that meant there was plenty of room on the dancefloor for the people who were there.

We had a donation jar on the go, and the Littlefoot punters gave generously to support the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.

I don’t know the total raised yet, as the Littlefoot crew have generously decided to keep the jar on the bar for the rest of the Frocktober month, and they’ll match the punters’ donations. So that will be the icing on the cake at the end of the month. My DJ fee for last night has gone to my fundraising page. 

Meanwhile, as I buzzed about yesterday, Frockstar Bernie made a very generous donation to my page, making a big contribution to the important work of the scientists searching for an early detection test for ovarian cancer. Big hugs to you, Bernie.

By the end of Day 22, in the car on the way home, Barbie and I were tired but happy as we realised that our hard work has brought us within cooee of our fundraising goal of $3000.

If you want to help us get over the line, please visit my fundraising page where donations will be gladly accepted.