The time I spent in a frock on Day 23 was relatively short, so I’ll keep this post relatively short too. After a long lazy morning in my PJs I needed to get dressed to go and collect the mini-photographer from her grandparents.

It was still cold, so I wore an op shop frock with layers – a long sleeved t-shirt underneath, leggings, a cardi, and sandals and socks. You read right, sandals with socks. I have no shame about this – I want the world to see my socks!

I carried around a Jump From Paper bag with me, which was a gift from my friend Skye a few years ago.

The ginger photographer took my photo today, even though she is bored (as am I) of taking Frocktober pics. I’m a bit bored of the Frocktober story being all about me  and never about the women who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, or the scientists who are working to tackle ovarian cancer. If you go to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation’s website you can find out about who the scientists are whose work is funded by OCRF, with help from Frocktober. And last week the Frocktober Facebook page posted Giovanna’s story – a very young woman who died from ovarian cancer because the symptoms were hard to recognise early. These people are the real Frocktober story. Me and my frocks are just an attention-grabber for them.

On Day 23, gorgeous Jan made a very generous donation, on top of her contributions to the car boot sale. Thank you, lovely! So now we’ve one week to go and just $383.95 needed to hit my target of $3,000. Thanks to your generous support, we’re almost there… I wonder where the last donations will come from? Follow the last week’s progress at