Day 25 of Frocktober really was a remarkable day. It was the day I passed my target – and I didn’t just sneak past that target – I smashed it! Thanks team!

I wore a City Chic frock today with red tights, in honour of Red Stocking Day (which was yesterday) and a Hell Bunny cardigan.

Today was the day I hosted a morning tea/bake sale at work. I was floored by the generosity of team mates who baked and prepped – particularly Racheal, but also Di, Maddie, Tiffany, Miriam and Sharyn, and my ginger photographer at home who made a mean lemon slice.

I was so heartened to see how many staff at the Civic Centre were happy to make a donation and stop for a chat on their way to get coffee.

In the afternoon I had a leftovers sale in my office and it was nice how many people dropped by even if just to say hi and make a donation – not needing cake.

I did indulge in one of the cakes at the end of the day.

And that jar there has $339.65 in it! Well done, Team Wyndham!

Along with that amazing donation from the good and hungry staff of Wyndham, came a whole flurry of individual donations. Can I say thanks to Cath and Jamie, Sandra, Jen, Diana, Meredith, Dee and Dame, and Fiona. Together you’ve given my fundraising total a huge boost by taking me way past my fundraising goal of $3000.

At the end of the day I ventured outside to go and pick up the mini-photographer. That was when I discovered it was 28 degrees. So off came the cardi. Finally, after a very wintry October, we had a hint of summer.

So many things to be grateful for today!