Day 27 began with a false start. I had an outfit in mind and I pulled it all together in the half-light of the early-morning bedroom before realising I had a huge ladder in my bright green stockings.

Game over before it began – I no longer had tights to match the scarf and the whole outfit had to be scrapped because I refuse to wear all black. You know that LBD stands for Little Boring Dress, right? So in my haste I just chose the next remaining frock that offered the most coverage for my hairy legs, and this was the result.

Yes, my old Stop Staring nautical dress-up fave which gives me flashbacks to the one day of my life on which I was glamorous.

My mini-photographer also had a Frocktober day as she was off to the school Halloween disco. Here she poses as a horror character: child coming down from a sugar high who hates having her photo taken.

As the photos show, this frock is so versatile in terms of what shoes you can wear with it. It goes with my Bait Footwear Iones nicely, but can also be worn with ridiculously high stilettos with chain detail on the back which make you trip over and fall on your back, or you can wear it with jelly sandals for a glamorous but sensible school pick-up/discount supermarket bottle shop run look. Wow, three looks, one dress!

The donations have kept flowing, so much so that I’m now headed towards $4000, when my target was set at $3000. Big thank yous (youse?) to the Belmonts and Kate R for your offerings yesterday.

I’m trying not to lose my frock mojo in the last few days, so I might need some cheering to the finish line (cheerleader frocks welcome). 

If you haven’t donated yet (but let’s face it, practically everyone one I know has, you amazing creatures), the sponsorship page is at