On Day 30 we woke to a warm morning. I had a bit of work to do around the house and probably would have stayed in my PJs to get it done, but it was too warm to stay in flannel. So I was into my Hell Bunny Muertos frock (but still in slippers). Once again, getting into the Halloween spirit.

The mini-photographer and I took a car-load of unsold items from the car boot sale to Vinnies, where we hope they will find new homes with stylish bargain hunters and support St Vincent De Paul Society to keep supporting people in need. According to their vision statement:

We do this by respecting their dignity, sharing our hope, and encouraging them to take control of their own destiny.

I’m glad to support their work – heaven knows, I’ve been shopping there for decades! And my Mum and Dad have volunteered for them for years. So car boot sale donors – I’m confident your donations will support important work, even if I didn’t sell all your items for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.

We then took my frock to Werribee Plaza – sorry, Pacific Werribee. (I’ll never get used to the faux posh new name.)

It might look like I was trying to give you a look at my pink hair flower here, but I was really just checking that my bags hadn’t been nicked.

In case you’ve forgotten what Frocktober was all about in the first place, pay a visit to the Frocktober Facebook page at this link and read the story of Vicky White and her daughters Laura and Elina. Too many wonderful women are lost to ovarian cancer, and their families and friends are devastated at how quickly life can change.

My friend Deb reminded me on Friday night that beloved Melbourne comedian and Deb’s dear friend, Lynda Gibson, died after battling ovarian cancer. I loved her as Matron Dorothy Conniving-Bitch.

Cancer is confronting and unfair. Ovarian cancer seems particularly so. That’s why I’m doing Frocktober.

Folks, we’re almost at the finish line and I have a couple of my favourite frocks lined up for the 31st so let’s make it a spectacular finish. If you were saving up your donation until the end, now might be the time to jump in at https://frocktober2016.everydayhero.com/au/oilyshoes.