Day 28 was a Friday. Most Fridays in Frocktober I’ve worn a frock that took me from office to pub, but I went with a different game plan this time.

I started the day in this red Collectif frock, which I paired with my favourite navy cardigan in order to comply with the corporate colour guide (not really, but you can see how well my outfit went with my name tag). I accessorised with a brooch of two girls wearing frocks (also in the corporate colours) which I thought was a bit meta.

When I got home I wanted to get the tight clothes off and let it all hang out so I changed into this old Big W frock.

I later wore this frock around to my old mate Meredith’s house, to pick up another frock that she had borrowed.

Meredith’s nice lounge room made my daggy old frock look vaguely good.

Finally, I changed into frock 3 which Meredith rocked on stage with the Decibelles in their Hells Belles show. (You can see her here – centre shot in the ninth pic down).

This is the Hell Bunny sugar skull pencil dress. I figured the skulls helped get into the Halloween weekend mood.

Because I had so thoroughly passed my fundraising target, I decided to help out a frock sister by putting my DJ fee towards her total, so I sent a donation to Tonia With An Eye, who has been there for every Frocktober that I’ve done and who has an eclectic array of frocks and always a witty caption to add on Instagram.

I’d like to thank Elyse and Sarah for cheering me towards the finishing line – every last donation counts, especially towards the end. 

Thanks for dropping by my blog even at this late stage of the month. Please leave the premises quietly and avoid disturbing the local residents.