The final day of Frocktober was a chance to wear two of my favourite frocks. 

This sailor one is a Hell Bunny which is my absolute fave at the moment. Normally I would accessorise it predictably with red, like I do so many other frocks.

Flashback to me and the mini-photographer in our best frocks, heading off to see Sound of Music.

But this time I broke the mould and wore a maroon cardigan and a single white Ample Armoury bangle.

After a quiet day at work, I was heading out to DJ while the mini-photographer and the ginger photographer were heading out to trick or treat with the Jamily Family. Anna Jamily was also celebrating her final day of Frocktober with this spectacular look.

If you agree that this look is out of this world and you’d like to send her a last minute sponsorship, her page is here:

I took the opportunity to see out Frocktober with a bang with this look:

It’s a Tatyana frock, with pink fishnets over hot pink tights and my Habana Flowers Hot Chocolate platforms and random cheap accessories – to my dismay I left my hot pink and gold Ample Armoury bangle at home!

I was playing at Littlefoot who have been so generous with their charity jar in support of the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. I expect their donation will be the final one to my sponsorship page, so I’ll hold back from announcing my total for a few days. So if you’ve been meaning to send a donation, it’s not too late. The link is here:

A few gorgeous people sent through donations on my last day, including Kate, Liz, Sarah, Tamara and Beck. Not to mention Ample Armoury who sent a generous donation which brightened up my day in the same way that their bangle brightened up so many of my outfits this month. Thank you all!

And that, my frock star friends, pretty much brings Frocktober to a close. I’ll be back with a round-up post, so for now it’s thanks for your perseverance and generous support.