Wonderful frockstars! It’s Pantsvember and things have been pantsy for 11 days now. On the plus side, I don’t have to think about whether I’ve already worn my daily outfit already this month, and I don’t have to fiddle with the self-timer button on my phone camera and I don’t have to dream up stylish colour combinations. On the minus side, I don’t look as fabulous.

But on the very big plus side, we have raised $4608.44 for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation!

I can hardly believe it! At the start of Frocktober I set myself a target of $3000, which was a bit more than I raised last year and I knew I was going to have to work hard to raise that amount again. But you all came to the party and went 50% over and above. Thank you so much!

I want to send a very warm thank you to Mum & Dad, Aunty Lil & Uncle Steve, Melinda, Cristina & Sabdha, Jenny, Alex, Elise, Arlo & Vivien, Emily, Cheryl & Lachlan, Trish, Kelly, Sally, Marilyn & Michael, Mette, Bethia, Troy & Melissa, Deb, Leslie, Owlie McOwlerson, Misty, Maddie, Mark, Nicky, Finn & Leila, Mirella, Nat, Fluffy and the Fluffettes, Friend of Fluffy, Ky, Thoa & Patrick, Brian, Jasna, Al, Nicole, Bernie, Jan, Nick, Mary, Renae, Carol & Greg, Jamie & Catherine, Sandra, Jen, Diana, Meredith, Dee & Dame, Fiona, GA Gregory, Anne, Jason, Kate, Susan, Ken & Orla, the Belmonts, Kate, Elyse, Sarah, Tonia, Beck, Tamara, Sarah, Liz, Andrea, Alison, Owen, Kate, Sacha & Anna, and the good folk at Ample Armoury, Littlefoot Bar, and Wyndham City Council. All of you either gave in to my pester power, or generously stepped forward with your hard-earned money to support my crazy campaign.

Together we’re adding a not-insignificant amount into the funding source that will support clever and committed scientists to search for an early detection test for this horrible cancer.

What will next year hold? How can we possibly top this amount? I’m thinking a team effort next year, so frock-wearers (and maybe even not-usually-frock-wearers) start thinking about joining Team Oily Shoes next year. I’ll come op shopping with you if you need to stock up!

For now, I’ll leave you with a montage of this year’s frocks for your review.