The frock I pulled out for you on Day 26 was this Lindy Bop one. I love the colours and  I love how comfy it is. I added an op shop cardi and sparkly gold shoes because Thursday.img_4156

A couple of fabulous things happened today. First, there was the school Halloween Disco to which the mini-photographer went dressed as a donut.

img_4179Then, there was a donation from the ever stylin’ Mirella, who rocks a frock proper classy-like. Thanks Mirella! Looking forward to catching up for frocks and bubbles soon.

img_4169I promise you, this month of awkward posing is very nearly over. But as we approach the last few days, I’ll ask you again – if you’ve found this incessant frock-wearing in any way interesting, please consider sending a donation to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation via my donation page. Thank you.