Ahoy there sailors! You’re on the good shop Frock This Town and we are sailing our way to the end of Frocktober 2017 and towards the safe harbour of tracky dacks. On Day 27 I wore a fun and comfy Hell Bunny sailor dress, inadvertently theming it up with the All About Frocktober team on their nautical-themed day.

img_4206I really wanted to wear my sailor hat with this outfit, but I was interviewing someone for a job at work and I didn’t want to scare her into thinking she’d arrived just in time for the work Halloween Disco where her prospective boss was dressed as a sailor with mouldy hair. So I left the hat at home.

img_2337I had to pop into town during the day, which was a nice opportunity to sit in a park and eat a macaron that was actually bigger than my mouth.

The generosity of the baker behind this sweet treat is reminiscent of the generosity of my workmates Cliff and Kerrie who both sent donations to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation via my donation page yesterday. Cliff and Kerrie are always so generous in terms of ideas, conversation, moral support and general hands-on mucking-in. And on Day 27 they were generous in supporting important cancer research. I salute them!