Day 29 of Frocktober was a sunny Sunday which saw me break out the Hell Bunny Mexico. Always a favourite! I accessorised with unicorn slippers and bed hair.

img_4329I spent a chunk of the morning listing clothes on ebay, hoping to sell some items to bump up my final fundraising total. Maybe you’d like to check out my listings and bid on a bargain? There’s a handful of really great frocks on there.

When I ventured outside I discovered it was a little windy, hence the crazy eyes in one of these pics. This was fun for the shoppers at our local Vinnies when my dress ended up around my ears, revealing my blue Bonds undies to all and sundry.

As the day rolled on today, some fabulous donations rolled in. Many thanks to Claire, David, Sarah and my Dad. Dad donated a dollar for every thousand steps he walked this month. Amazing! Thank you all!

In the time that I’ve dragged my way through almost a month of frock-choosing and awkward selfies, around 120 Australian women have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. For many of them, it will be at later stages of the disease because it’s so hard to detect. So I have two important requests for you: