Day 30! Only two frocking days to go and so many frocks who haven’t had a run yet! So I had to pull out one of my big guns – my Victory Parade frock that I bought myself for my 40th.

DSCN0440Seriously, if you’re looking for a new frock and you can afford a slightly special one, get yourself over to the Victory Parade website. So many pretty options!

At work today I was joined in frockingness by the delightful Emma. How pretty is her frock? My favourite bit is that perfect turquoise belt. I love the colour combo too!

If you’re looking at my head in these pics and saying “What the hell’s going on with your hair?” that would be a fair question. If you’re looking at my head and wondering if I’m wearing one of those headwrap turban thingies that are so popular with the Instagram fashionistas (FashionInstas?), that would also be a fair assumption. But the truth is, I went to work with bed hair because I’m too lazy to wash it because I’m on the countdown to being on holidays. And that resulted in me walking around the civic centre with a small green Muppet on my head while Council workers did double-takes.


Here’s evidence that it started neatly enough, but became completely Muppetised as the day went on.

On Day 30, the donations for the Ovarian Cancer Research Institute kept flowing in via my donation page. I was thrilled to receive a donation from Vanessa who would have to be the coolest dresser at my work! And a donation from Susan – also a classy dresser – and from Patrick, Thoa and Ky. Thanks for supporting ovarian cancer research, you lot!

You can support it too by visiting my donation page here and helping to drive the Frocktober total up towards their goal of $325,000. They’re 89% of the way there!

Are we there yet?