well i guess it would be nice

Day 23 was a big one on the Frocktober calendar. The weather was sunny and warm so I spent the day in my Hell Bunny Midori frock, purchased from Kitty Deluxe, and a pair of Miz Mooz shoes. It was a comfy frock to be running around to meetings in. Here I am seen looking both ways before crossing the road after a meeting in Footscray.

And the frock/hair situation was very matchy-matchy.

Before I knew it, the work day was over and it was time to head to Como House and Garden for the Smooth FM Frocktail party. The Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation had invited me as one of their top four fundraisers. What an honour! Naturally I had to pick a good frock for this occasion. I chose this red velvet Hell Bunny Joanne frock that I had been saving for a special occasion. I thought it might match the upholstery at the grand old Como.

I also wore a giant pair of leopard print platforms. They are possibly not very posh but I felt they needed a run at some point this month.

They probably didn’t need a run on the day I’d be walking 400m up a gravel path but I managed it.

Naturally the first thing I did when I arrived at this posh soirée was to drop a blob of mayonnaise straight down the front of my frock. So posh right now.

I caught up with fellow frockers, Erin and Lauren, who looked spectacular in their homemade-by-them frocks made from special edition Frocktober fabric printed with the Frocktober illustrations of Alexandra Nea. You know, the fashionable ladies who appear on my Frocktober badges, and Keep Cup, and lipstick purse etc.

I also caught up with Alison from Werribee who is wearing one frock 31 different ways this month, and doing it with style!

We were entertained by Mike Perso (yes! From Fox FM in the 80s!) and Jennifer Hansen and David Campbell and some Neighbours stars. And Dr Karl (Kennedy, not Kruszelnicki) winked at me! I also had a brief moment of confusion where I thought Mike Perso said that David Campbell and Alan Fletcher were married to each other (aw, how lovely!) but I misunderstood. Alan Fletcher is married too Jennifer Hansen.

It was a really powerful part of the event to hear from Leanne about what is like to live with ovarian cancer. Hers just keeps coming back, year after year, despite treatment. It really hit home why this cancer needs to be better understood and detected earlier. You can read Leanne’s story here.

With Leanne’s story weighing heavily on our hearts, it was just as amazing to meet and hear from some of the scientists who are doing the important research to change the future stories of women like Leanne. The very glamorous Dr Amy and Dr Maree are two of the scientists whose work is funded by OCRF.

If you’ve ever wondered what difference your donation could make, here’s how it could support the work of Amy and Maree.

If you choose to make a donation, you can do that here at this link.

So long, and thanks for the goodie bag, Smooth FM.

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