i’m falling into you

Not every day can be as glamorous as Day 23, so Day 24 was all about a beautiful new dress in some very mundane locations.

On Day 23 a parcel had arrived from Rummage Style. In it was my new T dress, made from the Megalong fabric by Anne Waters. I’ve loved this fabric since I first saw it and for some reason I thought it had a cool South American vibe (and would therefore appeal to Kieran, Adrienne and Meredith in particular) although I couldn’t quite understand why it had an Aboriginal name from the Blue Mountains. But today I’ve realised that those are horses, not no-drama-llamas, and that’s the Hydro Majestic, not some World Heritage Site in South America. Who knew?

Anyway, yesterday, when I still thought it was a South American scene, I spent an uneventful work day trying to get decent photos of my new frock. Waiting for the lift at home:

In a meeting room at work:

In the car park outside work:

In K’s courtyard:

But I really struggled to capture one that does justice to this non-South American vibe.

Hopefully you get the gist of the dress and feel compelled to support the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation regardless of the quality of my pics. The donation link is here. Yesterday Aunty Favourite and Uncle Steve made a generous donation, as did the lovely Skye, and one of my main frock suppliers, Kitty Deluxe. According to my mini-photographer, the 24th was national hug day, so I have some virtual hugs for all of you.

Here I am being randomly hugged by Mini while trying to take a selfie.

I finished my day with a relaxing hug from the massage chair at the shopping centre.


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