leave your yens on the counter please

Day 27 was a domestic day that started with a really good sleep in.

When I finally got up, I reached for my Hell Bunny Irvine pinafore from Kitty Deluxe, with a Siouxsie Sioux t-shirt and some old green Converse. Here’s my pre-coffee look:

Then I spent some quality time at the laundromat.

After some pretty pathetic efforts at selfies in the laundromat, I put most of my time there into listing more frocks on eBay. I’ve put five more up and I’ve listed them at bargain starting prices with just three day auctions so we can get them finished by the end of Frocktober. It’s never been quicker and easier to get a bargain AND support the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation all at once. The lovely Nicole already snapped up three of my frocks and rounded her donation up to a generous round figure. And another ebayer picked up my Vanity Project frock, inspired to support ovarian cancer after seeing a feature about Jill Emberson. Perhaps it was the Australian Story on her which you can watch here. If you’re inspired, that eBay link again is here.

If you’re not that keen on my frocks, but you still want to support the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation, you can make a donation directly here. Megan did that today, which is much appreciated. And so did Kitty Deluxe – they’ve been sending a donation each time I wear their clothes… which is pretty frequently, so that’s some very generous support from a cool business!

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