shake it like a polaroid picture

Day 26 was all about love.

In the morning I woke to the company of my mini-photographer. We got ourselves dressed – me in a Hell Bunny Chiquita frock from Kitty Deluxe and a pair of clear jelly sandals that I got from Vinnies. If you’d like a pair of jelly sandals, just head down to your local Vinnies and I can almost guarantee there will be a pair there for you. I think at some stage someone must have uncovered a warehouse full of them that had been untouched since the 80’s, and they handed them over to Vinnies head office, who distributed them out to every store. And now there are jelly sandals in every Vinnies store. Next time you’re at Vinnies check my theory.

I had freshly coloured my hair on Friday night and on Saturday morning my barista said she loved how I was matching my hair to my frock.

Um, yes, sure! I’m that organised!

I dropped mini off at K’s place and I hit the frog ‘n’ toad for a road trip to the bush.

I was DJing at a wedding at the lovely Providence Gully venue. It was so pretty! Ceremony hidden in an olive grove, and reception in a barn. It was so picturesque, I couldn’t stop snapping pics of the scene!

I did a quick switcheroo in the loo into a different Hell Bunny frock from Kitty Deluxe. This one is the Onyx. I wore shiny beige Mary-Jane flats that I bought at the Spirit of Giving Christmas Market at work a couple of years ago. Always sensible shoes for DJing.

I had lots of fun with my little sidekick DJ Cass who looked smashing in her suit and who had the dance moves to match.

Cass was also the unofficial photographer of the night. She snapped this one of me:

When the party was over it was a quick pack-up and I was back on the road – narrowly avoiding a wombat on the drive back to town.

While I was busy spinning a soundtrack to Darren and Mark’s big day, some of my favourite frockers were busy making donations to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. Thank you to Meredith who – as we saw earlier this month – looks great in my frocks. And thank you to Rebecca who looks great in her own frocks. I’m pretty sure I’ve even seen her rock the red dress emoji look. 💃🏽

We’re running out of days in Frocktober so I’ll worry about which frocks to wear, and you worry about getting your donation in before the end of the month over at my fundraising page.

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