and all that jazz

It’s Day 30 and I’d like to thank you – all seven of you readers – for sticking with me this far.

Today I wore my Hell Bunny Aberdeen frock with a pair of Miz Mooz shoes and took myself off to a conference where I was presenting.

The presentation went well although I was conscious that speaking in the 12.15pm slot meant I was all that stood between the audience and lunch. You know how they say you should picture the audience in their underwear? I was picturing them rubbing their tummies hungrily.

After the conference I was hanging out with mini and Barrie, so I dressed down into a comfy frock for a warm spring night.

This one’s the Hell Bunny Lacey.

So, as we hurtled towards the finish line of Frocktober, your donations came in in a bit of a flurry. One from Alex, Elise, Arlo and Vivi, one from Bron and Rod, one from Emily, one from Natasha and Liss, and one from cousin Sarah. Thank you all for supporting the Ovarian Cancer a Research Foundation. Together we smashed my revised target of $3000 last weekend and how now it just keeps climbing. Currently we’re on $3417. One more day to go! Any final donations go here please.

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