oh no you didn’t

Day 31 arrived! The last morning of Frocktober 2019 and the last day of choosing a frock for your enjoyment. Today I chose the Hell Bunny Messina frock from Kitty Deluxe and a pair of Miz Mooz shoes.

While I can heave a small sigh of relief at not having to pick out a frock and take selfies every day for another 11 months, the experience of ovarian cancer goes on. For so many women, just when they think their cancer has been successfully treated, it comes back. And for the scientists funded by the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation, their work goes on too. They’re determined to find an early detection test, and they’re determined to find effective treatments that can stop ovarian cancer in its tracks.

Your donations for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation just kept rolling in on the last day. Thank you to Janelle and to Patrick! Thank you again to Kitty Deluxe who have been amazing supporters this year. And thank you to the teachers at my old school, Kilbreda, led by Adrienne. You are all wonderfully generous!

At the end of Frocktober we’re sitting at $3603 raised, which is a stunning effort by you all! I’ve got some dresses still listed on eBay, so once I’ve finalised the sale of those, I’ll be back here with a final tally and a round up, so there’s still time for any lady donations at my fundraising link.

Until then, I’m off to find some trousers to wear!

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